Success Stories

Miracle Machine

“The AirSalter is one of the greatest finds that I’ve ever discovered. The vapor produced by this device causes my ongoing cough to completely subside. If used for 10-20 minuted in the evening, my sleep is uninterrupted. This is a wonderful item that is sold by a great company.”

Devanon (March 9, 2017)


“I originally purchased the portable salt therapy for my Asthma and this has greatly improved with usage. I also found it a great help after having plastic surgery on my nose. It really helped with my breathing and cleansing of the inner nose. So for people contemplating RHINOPLASTY – use before and after (after consulting your plastic surgeon). And I’m sure it will help you – it certainly helped me!!”

Olga (February 12, 2017)

Very useful and high quality

“The AirSalter machine is heaven sent. I love it. We can give our child salt treatments anywhere.his sleeping much better now after two weeks of using it. The price is reasonable and this device takes the salt therapy to a new level. ”

Olivia (December 20, 2016)

The AirSalter is amazing

“My son suffers from Asthma and I found the salt therapy really help him. The device is very friendly for kids and easy to use. I highly recommend.”

Sarah (Novemebr 28, 2016)

By far, the best salt therapy device!

“There aren’t many do it yourself salt therapy devices out there, but I tried whatever I was able to find. Nothing really worked well, except this new device AirSalter. You can understand why I was skeptical at first, but in a few sessions, I already noticed a difference and my breathing got easier, and better and better every day. It’s really easy to use and comfortable. Why didn’t anyone invent this sooner? So far so good. 5 stars.”

Carmen (January 9, 2017)

Cool device

“I love my AirSalter. Good quality, easy to use and definitely help to reduce my allergies.”

Russ M. (January 15, 2017)


“2 months ago my wife bought me this portable salt inhaler because I used to be a heavy smoker and even though I quit, I still have very heavy congestion and mucus, and trouble breathing. It’s especially bad at night. So she heard about salt therapy and found this home device. I’ve been using it for the past two months, one session at night and one in the morning, and I really see a difference. My lungs feel clearer, I am able to breathe more deeply, I sleep better at night. My wife even says I snore less, but I don’t know if that’s related to this device or not. I’m pretty happy with it, and would recommend it to others.”

Ben (January 13, 2017)

Great product

“I used to be a cigarette smoker for years. I started to get breathing problems and needed treatment. I heard from a friend about salt therapy and unfortunately the salt therapy spa was too far for me to drive. I bought the AirSalter and after a few days of use I felt a noticeable difference. I can breathe better, sleep better and my life is better because of using the device.”

Mike (November 17, 2016)

Definitely works

“I have a bad case of COPD. After researching salt inhalers I decided to try the portable salt therapy. I have been using AirSalter daily for over a month now and my breathing has improved considerably from where I was. I’ve cut way down on meds too. I quit smoking a year ago and have exacerbated twice, I haven’t been able to cough anything up until I started using the portable salt the therapy now I’m getting all the yuk out and can breath. It’s truly been a life saver and I’ll continue using it, I’m even looking into going to salt cave therapy. ”

Donna (November 16, 2016)

Best portable salt therapy. A must have!

“I purchased the portable salt therapy device two weeks ago. It arrived in the mail very quickly, and was a very nice and professional looking unit. I use it about every other day for my 3-year-old twins, who were born prematurely and still have some breathing issues. Their colds last longer than usual, and they catch viruses very frequently because their immune system isn’t very strong. Rather than giving them antibiotics or other medicines around the clock, I looked for holistic alternatives and discovered salt therapy. Last year, we used to go to a salt room in Westlake, which is 30 minutes from where we live. It was amazing. But the time spent driving there and back, and sitting in the salt room for 50 minutes made it impossible to do on a regular basis. I looked online for something I could do from home with the kids, and I found this incredible device. It’s exactly what we needed!
It comes with a mask and a mouth pipe or you could just place it near your nose and mouth and breathe it in. It’s so easy to use, and it even looks like a little character so my kids love it. They call it their little buddy, and they even decorated it with stickers.
The machine has a default setting for 10 minutes, but I’ve often run it 3 or 4 times in a row when the kids are really congested and having a hard time breathing. On days when they are not sick, I run it for 10 minutes because I’ve read that regular salt therapy treatment can prevent illness and keep the airways clean and mucus free.
What a great product. I’m really happy it exists and we can enjoy the health benefits. Highly recommend.

Hila (November 17, 2016)